Welcome to Engineer-A-Car

Learning how cars work and how to build and enjoy them.

Hey! I'm Halldor Stefansson, the person behind Engineer-A-Car.

Starting with a Big Dream

Ever since I was young, cars have fascinated me. I wanted to figure out how they worked, fix them, play with them, and even make my own. So, I decided to become a car mechanic, thinking I'd do it forever.

But things didn't go as planned. I got let go from my first mechanic job within the first month. That made me rethink and question everything. I thought I got it all wrong and that working around cars was just not my thing.

But the interest in cars kept coming up. I wanted to understand how things worked and were made. I felt jealous when meeting people who worked in the automotive industry or on cars.

I slowly realized I was holding myself back with my own thoughts and limiting beliefs.

Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges

This is where Engineer-A-Car comes in.

Getting into cars and the automotive industry can be challenging. There's much to learn, jargon, knowing how stuff in cars works, and finding the right people.

I aim to follow my curiosity and document here what I learn and build along the way.

I also want to help others on their car journey by showing people cool projects, sharing resources, or just chatting.

Join the Ride

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Together, let's cruise towards our car dreams. Welcome aboard!

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