About Engineer-A-Car

Learning to build cars, sharing knowledge and sparking curiosity.

The purpose of Engineer-A-Car is to document and share the knowledge I gain while learning how cars work and how to build them, helping others to learn as well.

About Halldor - my story so far

Ever since I was a kid, spending countless hours crawling and playing on the car rug, I have been fascinated by cars. I love everything about them—their beautiful designs, cutting-edge technology and the promise of endless adventures. Growing older, I wanted to understand these mysterious things—to explore how they were made, figure out how they worked, and how to fix them. So, it seemed only natural to pursue a career as a mechanic.

However, things went differently than planned. I got fired from my first mechanic job after just a month. As I walked out there on my last day, a wave of uncertainty washed over me, questioning my path and passion. Was this path really meant for me? Was I destined to fail in the car world?

Feeling kind of lost, and despite this setback, I decided to go to university and study Mechatronics. Little did I know, there I would discover a whole new world: programming. It was like uncovering a hidden track, the ability to improve people's lives from a keyboard. It felt like I found my calling.

But even though I liked my new career, my heart desired cars nonetheless. I continued to want to understand them, fix them, and build them.

That's why I started Engineer-A-Car. A place where I can share my journey of learning to understand and build cars. I want to help and inspire other car enthusiasts who feel or have felt lost like I did. Together, we can explore the world of cars and engineering, one step at a time.

So, if you're into cars and wanna learn more about them or even build your own, come along for the ride!

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