About Engineer-A-Car

Hey! Welcome to Engineer-A-Car, a website about car engineering and how to build your dream car.

My name is Halldor Stefansson, and I'm the writer behind Engineer-A-Car.

I've always been fascinated by cars. I wanted to play with them, understand how they work, fix them, and build them.

So, I thought it made sense for me to study to become a car mechanic, thinking it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

However, that did not turn out to be correct.

I was let go within the first month of my first job as a mechanic. And I never tried for another job, thinking that working on cars was just not my thing.

This and other limitations meant I didn't follow that interest to the desired level. Those limitations were set mainly by myself and my beliefs, but also some environmental ones. For example:

  • Growing up in a country with limited opportunities to enter the automotive industry (except garages and dealers).
  • Too introverted (and shy) to join any car communities.
  • I didn't feel like I belonged in the industry/community.

Taking down the limitations and building together

It can be challenging to enter the car industry/community.

There's a ton of lingo, understanding and figuring out how things and cars work, finding communities that are right for you, finding cars you want to work on and parts for it, and getting the support you need to do your thing and building your dream car can feel daunting.

Building and learning about cars is a lot of fun but requires hard work.

This is where Engineer-A-Car comes in.

I aim to use this platform to find and share knowledge, resources and projects to help like-minded people.

That may be through first-hand experience building projects, compiling learnings into articles, or off-the-record conversations.

Hopefully, it will be useful, save you time and give you a leg up on your project.

Please join me and subscribe!

I do hope you'll find Engineer-A-Car helpful.

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